Vision and objectives


Norway to be actively engaged in research based mapping of the sea bed and understanding of the natural processes and phenomena and processes created by human interventions.


Main objective

Long term monitoring of environmental processes related to the interaction between hydrosphere, geosphere and biosphere during global warming. The data enable the understanding of the dynamics related to change, the robustness and the effect of influence from ocean current systems, fisheries, sediment transport processes, installations and pollution.

Sub objectives

  • Establish a cable-based test ocean observatory at an O&G installation together with NCE Subsea, where EMSO/ESONET is invited to participate
  • Establish a fjord laboratory (a cable-based test ocean observatory in a fjord)
  • Establish a larger cable-based observatory off the Norwegian continental shelf

The fjord laboratory is also important as a training site, which enables an almost immediate start-up of studies and expertise training. As cable-based ocean observatories opens up for new research methods to understand processes, therefore a new generation of scientists must be educated to make the most out of the novel technology and methods.

The first deep sea test observatory at an O&G installation will provide invaluable knowledge and experience necessary to in the next phase realize a larger cable-based ocean observatory off the Norwegian continental shelf.

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