VISO workshop Agenda and presentations

First workshop for a European Virtual Institute of Scientific Users

of Deep-Sea Observatories

11 – 12 June 2009 in Tromsø (Norway)

Thursday, 11 June 2009 Topic Invited speaker
08:45 Welcome/opening Curt Rice, UiT (Norway)
08:55 Goals Jürgen Mienert & Bénédicte Ferré, UiT (Norway)
Needs and expectations

Ia - Ocean Science observatory needs as seen from academia (chair Carlo Heip)
09:00 Ocean observatory Overview Pierre Cochonat, IFREMER (France)
09:20 NEPTUNE Canada Regional Cabled Observatory: Transforming Ocean Science from the Coast to the Deep Sea Mairi Best, University of Victoria (Canada)
09:40 MARS (Monterey Accelerated Research System) -An operational test bed cabled observatory Steve Etchemendy, MBARI (US)
Coffee break
10:40 Deep Ocean observatories Kate Larkin, NOCS (UK)
11:00 Experiences from the Martha’s Vineyard Coastal Observatory Janet Fredericks, WHOI (US)
11:20 Marine ecosystems and geoprocesses Phil Weaver, NOCS (UK)
11:40 Pelagic ecology Olav Rune Godø, IMR (Norway)
Lunch break / posters
Needs and expectations

Ib - Ocean Science observatory needs as seen from academia (chair Ian Wright)
13:30 Arctic oceanography: development of observing systems Stein Sandven, NERSC (Norway)
13:50 The Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge and Observatory-based Science Rolf-Birger Pederson, UiB (Norway)
14:10 HAUSGARTEN: A decade of multi-disciplinary work at an Arctic deep-sea observatory Frank Wenzhöfer on behalf of Thomas Soltwedel, AWI (Germany)
14:30 Earthquakes ant Tsunami Research Project for Disaster Preventions Yoshiyuki Kaneda, Jamstec (Japan)
Coffee break
Needs and expectations

II - Ocean Science and technology observatory needs as seen from industry (chair Svein Winther)
15:20 Latest developments in Asset Management - Oil and Gas production via Internet? Sven Hoog, IMPAC-ISUP (Germany)
15:40 Overview of existing instrumentation relevant for ocean observatories Anders Tengberg, Göteborg University (Sweden)
16:00 Technology needs as viewed by hydrocarbon industry Ståle Johnsen, StatoilHydro (Norway)
16:20 The value of deep-sea observatories to the fishing industry Olav Runa Godø on behalf of Olaf Misund, IMR (Norway)
16:40 Focus groups - topic setting
End of the first day
Conference dinner at Fjellheisen for pre-registered workshop participants

Friday, 12 June 2009 Topic Invited speaker
Needs and expectations

II - Ocean Science and technology observatory needs as seen from industry (chair Peter Haugan), continued
09:00 Why do we need submarine seismometers? Philippe Charvis, Geoazur (France)
09:20 The need for seafloor monitoring and observatories at submarine carbon dioxide capture and storage sites Peter Linke, IFM-GEOMAR (Germany)
09:40 Human-induced changes in seawater chemistry put deepwater ecosystems at risk Marion Gehlen, LSCE (France)
10:00 MyOCEAN for the European Marine Core Service Stein Sandven, NERSC (Norway)
Coffee break
Potential collaboration between academia and industry (chair Paolo Favali)
10:50 Cooperation between industries and scientists Inger Marie Malvik, Fugro Oceanor (Norway)
11:10 Cyberinfrastructure for the U.S. NSF Ocean Observatories Initiative: A Modern Virtual Observatory John Orcutt, UCSD (US)
11:30 Environmental monitoring, maritime safety and security: a convergence Michel Rixen, NURC-NATO (Italy)
Lunch break / posters
Practical approach and its strategy (chair Roland Person)
13:00 Preservation of data and knowledge Michael Diepenbroek, MARUM (Germany)
13:20 Providing an ocean in situ data service for the needs of operational oceanography Ingrid Puillat on behalf of Guilbert Maudire, IFREMER (France)
13:40 EMODNET Lars Horn, Research Council of Norway (Norway)
14:00 The European Research Icebreaker Aurora Borealis Roberto Azzolini, ESF (France)
14:20 EPOS Research Infrastructure and synergy with EMSO Torild van Eck, KNMI (The Netherland)
Plan to make VISO a permanent and successful structure (chair Steve Etchemendy)
14:40 Marine strategy for long term funding and maintenance budgets Pierre Cochonat on behalf of Antoine Dosdat, IFREMER (France)
15:00 European marine infrastructure and GEOSS requirement Pascal Le Grand, European commission (Belgium)
Coffee break
15:50 Focus groups - topic setting
17:40 Sum-up from the focus group leaders
Summary of workshop and closing remarks (Jürgen Mienert and Bénédicte Ferré)

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