Become a NOON member!

The Norwegian Ocean Observatory Network (NOON) is an association among member institutions who wish to join forces to advance the development of ocean observatories. NOON members have competence and capabilities which complement each other. NOON members can decide to launch projects and activities within the framework of NOON.

NOON was established as a permanent association at the first NOON General Meeting on 24 March 2011. Initial members are from those institutions that executed the NOON pilot project funded by the Norwegian Research Council 2009-2010. The structure of NOON includes an annual General Meeting where all members are invited and have one vote. The General Meeting elects a board of 3-5 members and a chair of NOON. These serve until the next General Meeting. The chair is expected to host a secretariat which supports NOON activities including the NOON web site.

Prof Juergen Mienert, University of Tromsø, serves as the chair of NOON in the initial period from the pilot project 2009-2010 through the General Meeting in 2011 and until the regular election at the General Meeting in 2012.

Other institutions and companies can apply for membership by writing a short “application” letter (1/2 page) including:
 1.  CV
 2.  Why you wish to become a member
 3. Do you already have some cooperation with a NOON member?
 4. If not, who in particular do you wish to cooperate with within NOON?
 5. Describe fields of interests
 6. Are you ready to commit yourself to the responsibility: collaborating, work to get grants for PhD students, supervision of PhD students, or initiate projects.

Applications should be sent to the NOON secretariat ( or Decision on membership may be taken by the NOON Board, but can be deferred to the next General Meeting.

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