The "Hermes Lander"

One step closer to cabled ocean observatories

Institute of Marine Research (IMR) has several projects related to ocean observatories. The efforts are mainly financed by the new project "Hermes-Lander", but also by internal funding from IMR and NCE Subsea. "Hermes-Lander" is a sub-project under the EU project Hermes ( and the "Hermes-Lander" is mainly funded by StatoilHydro.

Two instrument platforms are planned to be located on the seabed outside Vesterålen. One of them next to a coral reef and the other in a reference position further out on the continental shelf. The objective of the project is to obtain basic knowledge about the dynamics and function of the ecosystem in the area, especially to collect data about the coral reef and the recruitment to the large fish stocks. The project aims for an innovative solution with a wind power station and communication via a surface buoy enabling. Data can thus be presented in real-time through a web portal and the users can access the buoy to e.g. change the instrument configuration or data flow. The landers are planned to be deployed in mid December and the web presentation of real-time data is scheduled to be available from 2009.

The landers are instrumented with horizontal and vertical echo sounders, camera, sediment trap, broad band microphone, light and chlorophyll sensor, CTD and ADCP. The windmill will provide the power and a backup battery package will secure a continuing operation of the landers for more than one week in case of calm air.

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